Differential Service

Are you looking for the best transmission shop in Garland? Whether you are located in Lewisville, Plano, Garland, or anywhere in Dallas, we have a location nearby for your convenience. Come to the experts at The Transmission Shop today! Our 25 years of experience in the industry means that we know transmissions, and that includes ALL components of the transmission - such as your Differential.   What is a Differential?

Your Differential is the part of your transmission that uses gears to transmit torque and rotation to your wheels.   Each of your vehicle's wheels need to rotate at a different speed. This is especially necessary when turning corners. The Differential allows each wheel to rotate differently, and will supply more or less torque to whichever wheels need it the most in a given situation.

If your Differential is not operating, or is not operating correctly, then your entire drive train can be damaged. When you go to turn a corner, the inner wheel is traveling at a shorter distance than the outer wheel. Therefore, if your Differential is not able to allow the rotation of that inner wheel to slow down and the speed of the outer wheel to speed up, then you will end up dragging the outer wheel, while the inner wheel spins. You will experience unpredictable handling during those turns, and it will be difficult to maintain control of the vehicle while turning corners. You also will damage the tires and put unnecessary strain on the entire drive train, eventually damaging it.   Therefore, the importance of the Differential can not be underestimated.

At The Transmission Shop in Garland, The Transmission Shop in Lewisville, and The Transmission Shop in Plano, we offer Differential service, Differential maintenance and Differential Repair for your vehicle in the Dallas area. This includes:

  • Inspection of Damaged Gears
  • Removal of Damaged Gears
  • Repair of Damaged Gears
  • Replacement of Fluids in Gearbox

Due to the high amount of stress that your gearbox must endure, the gearbox fluid is a vital protection against the build up of heat and friction. It offers the necessary lubrication, not only for your gears, but also for your shafts and bearings. This is why most manufacturers recommend that you frequently replace your Differential fluid at least once every 30,000 miles. Having The Garland Transmission Shop provide Differential service on a regular basis will help to prevent your gears from wearing out and overheating prematurely.

Our Differential Service includes removing the fill plug and the drain plug, inspecting them for any signs of damage. Then, we flush out and remove the old oil in your gearbox. Once it is cleaned out, we reinstall the drain plug and fill up the Differential with a high quality new fluid. Finally, the fill plug is replaced.

The entire Differential Service does not take very long because the mechanical experts at the best Transmission Shop in Garland are proficient and mindful of your time. No doubt you will appreciate the expertise and speed of our master mechanics and certified technicians. Come in today or fill out the form on our website for more information!




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