Clutch Replacement

Although manual transmissions can typically be more reliable and longer lasting than an automatic transmission, the clutch frequently needs attention and is considered to be the achille's heel of the manual transmission. This makes sense, however, when you consider the incredible amount of stress, heat and friction that the clutch endures on a daily basis. The clutch is shifted over and over again, engaged and disengaged and then re-engaged on a constant basis during any typical driving session. The wear and tear adds up over time, and soon the clutch will begin to wear out.

This is where The Transmission Shop in Garland can help. We are known as the best Garland Transmission Shop, offering complete transmission services for the entire Dallas area with locations in Garland, Plano and Lewisville. Over 25 years of experience in repairing and servicing all transmission components, including clutches and gears, means we are the perfect choice for your next clutch repair, clutch service or clutch replacement.

  • Replace, Repair or Service Your Clutch
  • Replace, Repair or Service Your Pressure Plate
  • Replace, Repair or Service Your Throw Out Bearing
  • Resurface the Flywheel
  • Replace Gear Oil

 If you would like to extend the life of your clutch for as long as possible, then come by The Transmission Shop in Garland today. We will provide a Manual Transmission Service and replace your old gear oil with new fluids. Having your oil changed at regular intervals will help your clutch to not wear out prematurely.

 If you notice that your clutch is not shifting as smoothly any longer, perhaps slipping occasionally or with abnormal jerking, this may indicate that your clutch is beginning to wear out. Also, if the engine is revving irregularly or more than normal when you shift, and perhaps the tachometer needle is jumping erratically when shifting, then that, too, could mean that you need to have your clutch examined by the professionals at The Transmission Shop in Garland, Plano, McKinney, Lewisville or Dallas. This will allow us to provide a free and thorough diagnostic exam to determine the exact cause of the problem and present you with a solution.

Don't wait until you are broken down on the side of the road, while speeding down the highway, or in a bad part of town, perhaps on your way to work or another important appointment.   Bring your vehicle to The Garland Transmission Shop today for ALL of your transmission repair needs!




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