If you were to go back in time, you would see that the automobiles from early history all came with manual transmissions, also known as stick shifts.  The original Model T car from Ford had 2 forward gears as well as one reverse gear.  It was connected to the engine by a series of various pedals.  What led to the creation of the modern day automatic transmission?

As the number of cars on the road increased and traffic got worse, automobile engineers started searching for a way to make it possible for the car to automatically shift from gear to gear.  It took designers and engineers decades to perfect the automatic transmission.  Along the way, in 1941, Chrysler introduced a technology known as “fluid drive”.  This was a transmission that was partly automatic.  It still had a clutch pedal, but it allowed you to start out driving without having to use the clutch.  An electric overdrive kicked in automatically.  You simply used the clutch to change between lower and higher gears.  Eventually, after fine tuning and expounding upon the technology,  the automatic transmission that we still use today, which eliminates completely the clutch, was born.  

Automatic transmissions made driving convenient for the masses and made it possible for President Hoover's promise to be fulfilled, in which he declared that soon there would be “a car in every garage and a chicken in every pot.”  In addition to convenience, it allowed the workforce to be more mobile and jobs to be more accessible.  For post war America, this had a significant positive impact on a recovering population.  The increase in drivers due to the automatic transmission also gave way to a new “suburban phenomenon”, in which cities expanded into the suburbs and workers migrated to live in these areas outside the city limits and commuted to their work within the city.

The number of women drivers also increased after the invention of the automatic transmission.  Before, driving was somewhat crude and difficult with engines jumping and racing and lugging along between shifts.  Now, automatic transmissions offered an easy no fuss and no muss option of driving that did not involve trying to shift gears and use the clutch pedal in high heel shoes.  Just press down on the gas and go!  

Yes, the automatic transmission has had a huge impact on life here in the United States....the economy, the workforce, the spread of cities, greater freedom to women and women entering the workforce, lifestyle, etc.  We sometimes take for granted certain forms of modern technology.   Don't take your transmission for granted, whether it is a manual (standard transmission), or an automatic transmission.  Your car would not move without the transmission and would be a lifeless pile of metal.  

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